Refine your dance technique across a range of styles while making a contribution to your ATAR. Take your first steps towards being a professional performer or dance teacher with the Certificate II in Dance. Participate in a range of workshops and learn from industry professionals in the styles of jazz and contemporary. You will develop a strong work ethic you are prepared for the industry.

A career in dance is possible as a performer, manager or dance teacher. Students can integrate a VET certificate in Dance within a VCE or VCAL syllabus. Students can also study VCE Dance.

Progressing from basic dance skills to specialising in a range of contemporary dance styles, explore rehearsal techniques, performances, choreography and manage all aspects of a professional dancer’s career. Learn to look after your body, work as a team and manage large events. Become an integral member of an award winning dance team.

Dance enables you to:


Perform and choreograph different dance pieces.


Build your network in the dance industry.


Source and apply entertainment industry knowledge.


Prepare for a career as a dance teacher, professional dancer, or choreographer.

Certificate II in Dance Certificate III in Dance NCAT Dance VCE Dance VET in Schools Dance

Beyond live performances, dancers can gain employment across several industries as event managers, teachers or choreographers. NCAT consults with industry and government reference groups to keep abreast of changes and emerging employment skills in contemporary dance and entertainment. Our facilities include two fully equipped dance studios.

TestimonialsJayden Lal (Dance Student)

“First, I want to go to Uni and get my degree and be a teacher, but also I wanted to become a professional dancer in the industry.”

TestimonialsJayden Lal (Dance Student)

“I've grown as a Dancer and as a person. It helps with everyday life, it helps me to become a better person.”

TestimonialsJayden Lal (Dance Student)

“We have amazing sprung floors and you have a ballet barre and mirrors that every studio has.”

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Certificate II in Dance Certificate III in Dance NCAT Dance VCE Dance VET in Schools Dance
Certificate II in Dance Certificate III in Dance NCAT Dance VCE Dance VET in Schools Dance

Course Structure

The Certificate II in Dance enables students to develop knowledge and skills to participate in a variety of dance routine roles. It provides fundamental skills in a number of specialised dance disciplines. This is also a VCE VET subject and students gain a scored assessment for their ATAR as one of their primary four scaled studies or a 10% contribution to their ATAR score.

Activities & Tasks

Tasks to cover the training package content may include: dance styles learnt Jazz and Contemporary; performances, competitions and showcases; theory classes.


Assessments involves a variety of methods including short answer oral and written questions, performances, responses to scenarios, and observation in class. The assessment of overall competence at this certificate level will be undertaken by a qualified assessor and competence judged using set criteria in the qualification. All training resources will be provided upon payment and enrolment.

Students undertaking scored assessment are required to complete set coursework tasks and a performance examination.

Students will be given a fair and adequate assessment process that includes multiple opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Students enrolling in Certificate II in Dance must be physically able to undertake the qualification. They need the basic literacy and numeracy skills required to undertake a certificate level qualification. Students must attend an audition.