Student Leadership

Student Voice and Agency underlines everything we do at NCAT. One of the ways this takes shape is via our Student Leadership team. The Student Leadership team is a group of students chosen by their peers. Each course and year level of the school is represented.

Working closely with their colleagues and teachers, as well as the principal team, the purpose of the Student Leadership Team is to encourage student voice and choose priorities to focus on to better the school throughout the year.

Students run class and college-wide activities to enhance student wellbeing and leadership. Student Leadership also took part in the Teach the Teach program. This program was developed in conjunction with Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is to encourage student voice as after students participate, they present back to staff and encourage collaborative conversations for change.

NCAT student leaders have actively participated in:

  • The Victorian Student Representative Council’s (SRC) Regional Conferences
  • The Halogen Foundation’s Leadership Conference
  • Darebin Youth Summit.

Currently, NCAT has a representative on the Victorian SRC executive committee, which is made up of student leaders from across Victoria.

At the beginning of the school year, students can choose to speak in front of their year level about why they feel they are the best person to represent the interests of their peers.

Being a part of Student Leadership provides you with opportunities to improve your public speaking, communication, organisation, leadership and ability to work with others. You are a representative of the school at a range of events.

Please contact Nadia Tomarchio if you are interested in student leadership program.

Being on the Student Leadership team is not the only way to have your voice heard at NCAT. Cultivating respectful and productive relationships with our students is one of the most important things to us. By being a part of the NCAT community, you are presented with multiple opportunities to be heard. Whether that through regular Student Feedback to Teacher Surveys, choosing content to pursue in class and being a part of discussions that impact your learning.

Student voice, agency and leadership at NCAT nurtures a culture of collaboration between students and teachers that facilitates student empowerment in their learning.

Student Voice, Agency & Leadership

Student voice, agency and leadership are valued at NCAT. Central to school business is providing a learning environment where students feel they can achieve, be valued and supported. The College recognises and acknowledges the important role that students play as learners within our educational landscape. Students are encouraged to find and use their voice and make their contribution within a clearly defined framework built on mutual respect. Nurturing this contribution provides students with an opportunity to take ownership of their learning. In 2019, the College was recognised for its progressive approach to student voice and was nominated as a finalist in the VEC Senior Secondary School of the Year Award.

A Model of Leadership built on Inclusivity & Student Ownership

The student leadership model was developed by students to reflect the numerous programs and the diverse community. It has a democratically student led election process with a clearly defined constitution. There are up to twenty student contributors on student leadership who are active contributors at weekly leadership meetings. Term based student led assemblies provide a forum for student leaders to inform the College community and educate them on what student voice, agency and leadership looks like at the College. Assemblies are also a platform to showcase and celebrate the wonderful student talent. At NCAT there is a culture where student led initiatives are encouraged.

College Leaders

College student leaders play a pivotal role and are given numerous opportunities to work together with staff and the principal class to voice their suggestions, opinions, offer feedback and create change around learning. Students together with College leaders talk with their teachers about what best facilitates learning. They are given both formal and informal ways throughout the academic year to provide this feedback.

Student leaders are actively involved in all aspects of school life and are proud ambassadors of the college who contribute to whole school events including; the year 10 breakfast, orientation day, school formal, awards night, information evening, year 12 graduation and couchfest (an event that showcases student talents and products).

As active student leaders they identify and introduce change in consultation with staff and the College administration. Student led and supported initiatives have included the introduction of:

  • student feedback to teacher survey results to be explicitly discussed in classes, and relevant actions / improvements made
  • student led survey and data collation around teaching and learning in the classroom
  • the VicSRC Teach the Teacher program and presentation to staff of post survey discussion about learning in the classroom
  • recycling bins and a worm farm in partnership with Darebin City Council
    student action teams in sustainability, diversity and social justice and initiatives around concerns that are of interest to students
  • NCAT keep cups available for purchase
  • student attendance at VicSRC congress and other external conferences
  • student election on school council
  • video documenting school pride

Why include student contribution in learning?

Student contribution in learning gives students the opportunity to develop the core skills of communication, negotiation and problem solving in a constantly developing climate of global citizenship. They play a key role as agents of change in their learning environment. The combination of voice and agency empowers students to embrace learning, build resilience, wellbeing and create school pride. The NCAT voice, agency and leadership journey is one where all students are encouraged to play a role as leaders in their own learning.

If you would like to find out more about student involvement at the College, please contact Nadia Tomarchio, Student Voice, Agency & Leadership Coordinator.