Curriculum Design & RTO

Curriculum Design

The College’s approach to curriculum design has attracted national acclaim, responding to gaps in industry demand and evolving tertiary preparation requirements through curriculum design innovation. Personalised curriculums are developed with respect to a student’s chosen specialisation. Our teachers are respected industry professionals, delivering a hands-on learning approach to foster lateral thinking and confidence.

A History in Curriculum Innovation
The College boasts a successful history in curriculum innovation; several NCAT curriculum designs have been adopted as models for formal qualifications nationwide. The College responds to industry gaps, emerging trends and changing conditions identified through dedicated industry reference groups. Every aspect of our curriculum design, including content, technology and delivery style is reviewed annually to meet current industry, tertiary and TAFE requirements.

Industry Experience & Commercial Insights
We employ staff with an established and successful history in their chosen profession. Invaluable insights contribute to all aspects of the College’s curriculum design across the arts, trades and technologies. Industry experience and commercial insights ensure that the College’s content, facilities, equipment and teaching methods are constantly updated and adapted to reflect industry standards, along with current tertiary and TAFE expectations.

Hands-on Learning
The College embraces hands-on learning as a pathway to success for students progressing toward further study or direct employment with industry. In conjunction with theory, hands-on and investigative learning techniques are at the heart of the College’s curriculum design. Hands-on learning involves investigation; working through real practical projects learned through application encourages flexibility and lateral thinking. Confidence, teamwork and co-operation skills are developed for real world application.

Personalised Curriculum Design
The College is continually developing subject area integration within personalised curriculum designs. Core subjects are adapted to suit the demands of the College’s specialisations across the arts, trades and technologies. This personalised approach to curriculum design allows students to connect core subject areas with the real-world demands of their chosen specialisation.

Vocational Education & Training

The Northern College of Arts & Technology is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering nationally recognised  qualifications and accredited.

You can view NCAT’s qualifications and certificates on its scope of registration on on the national VET register NCAT is regulated by the VRQA for the training it delivers.

NCAT is one of the largest providers of VET to secondary schools in the northern region of Melbourne.

For further information on VET at NCAT please contact the NCAT RTO Manager, or the relevant program manager or coordinator.

NCAT RTO number: 6736

NCAT VET Complaints & Appeals Form