The College takes its responsibility for student well-being and the development of student excellence and voice very seriously. As a College, we recognise multiple types of intelligence. We reward practical problem solving, creativity, lateral thinking, building, fixing, designing and innovating. Every student benefits from a curriculum designed to encourage individuality and creativity.

Student Wellbeing

The College has a youth worker, careers advisor, integration teachers, and support teachers available to provide advice and assistance. All students have a form teacher/mentor and some programs have additional staff with the specific role of student wellbeing. Across the college there are program and year level leaders responsible for overseeing the progress and wellbeing of all students.

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“Students are treated as adults here. There are incredibly positive relationships established between staff and students right from the get go, right from the start.”

– Anne Connors (VCE Studio Arts, VCE Product Design & Technology)

“I definitely get a sense that students and teachers are on a very level playing field and they’re always happy to have one-on-one individual learning.”

– Anthony Stevens (NCAT Media Student)

“You take those contacts with you into the industry; fostering those relationships is really quite important.”

– Mason Peart (NCAT Multimedia Student)

Booklist & Student Supplies

Student booklists can be found and purchased from North of the Yarra Booksellers. Please follow the link to access their online system: North of the Yarra Booksellers – NCAT Booklist.

For our preferred calculators please follow this link: CAS Calculator Website
NCAT Stationery lists can be found here: NCAT Stationery List

Fees & Charges

Courses and programs at NCAT are fully funded by the Government. There are no tuition fees. Exceptions to this general rule are for International Students, and for some students in Certificate IV and Diploma programs. For details on these exceptions see the International Student page and course pages of interest.

Materials charges apply to some subjects and programs. Please contact the College, or the relevant Program for details.