Screen & Multimedia

Beyond live performances, musicians contribute to several sectors within the economy, including film and television, advertising, gaming and mobile digital content. Emerging trends in technology have seen an increase in self-publication, broadcast and distribution to a worldwide audience.

The College consults with industry and government reference groups to keep abreast of advancing technology requirements, ensuring that our curriculum remains consistent with emerging trends. Our facilities include a fully equipped recording studio, soundproof rehearsal rooms and state-of-the-art digital audio work stations.

Develop your song writing skills using instruments and computer-aided equipment. Appreciate the practical use of instruments, amplifiers, sound and lighting systems to produce group and solo performances. Develop financial, creative and promotional skills in event organisation to stage a professional music event.

Screen & Multimedia is for:


Students looking to make and complete a film, animation, radio/audio show, newspaper or multimedia piece.


Examining the impacts of new technology on the media.


Students looking to take on a specialised role within production and understanding the need for collaboration.

TestimonialsMason Peart (Multimedia Student)

“In multimedia we're given the opportunity to experiment with various concepts within the multimedia realm this includes podcasting, web design, animation and games design.”

TestimonialsNatasha Stamos (Media Teacher)

“There's a respect and acknowledgement of those traditional media forms and then we're just consistently looking for ways to push those boundaries.”

TestimonialsAnthony Stevens (Media Student)

“So we've got our usual film and animation and we've also got things like magazine covers, posters and we can even do apps now.”

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