Visual Arts Immersion

"Immerse Yourself in Art"
The Immersion program uses the Visual Arts as a language through which students communicate, investigate and express themselves. It combines VCAL and VET certificates to create a flexible, innovative curriculum model. Students learn in a vibrant and creative environment that focuses on the individual.
⁄ Young people with a passion for art and design and an interest in a creative career or further study
⁄ Year 11 and 12 students who want to focus on visual arts studies in a creative environment with like-minded peers
⁄ Young artists who are looking to explore materials, develop their skills and individual style and strive for excellence

⁄ Study art and design full-time whilst completing your secondary schooling
⁄ Develop artistic skills in drawing, painting, design and digital platforms
⁄ Work one-on-one with teacher-mentors who help you communicate your ideas and achieve your creative potential
⁄ Develop confidence, identify and use your individual strengths
⁄ Learn to self-manage; become self-motivated, productive and organised
⁄ Develop a high quality portfolio for work or further study

We focus on future skills required in the changing job market. We help students become confident, capable, creative individuals who know their strengths and how to apply them in any situation.

Our students have hands-on experience of the work of an artist or designer in the creative industry by learning to:
⁄ understand and respond to briefs
⁄ solve design problems
⁄ explore and experiment with materials and techniques, with guidance from teachers and specialising artists
⁄ meet and learn from a variety of creative professionals
⁄ market and sell their work and products at Couchfest and other community events
⁄ use technology in creative applications
⁄ collaborate with others on projects and social enterprises
⁄ curate and exhibit their work

The Visual Arts Immersion course has been successfully running since 2008. Our graduating students have gone on to a vast range of study and work pathways following their time in our program.

I came to NCAT from a Catholic all-boys private school and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I truly appreciate the opportunity I had to experience a more progressive environment. During my time in the Visual Arts Immersion program I got lots of support and great encouragement to try new things and it really pushed me to discover how I could make a career though art. I am currently working though my first year as an apprentice tattooist and piercer at True Addiction in Fitzroy, which I obtained with the folio I built while at NCAT with the support of good friends and teachers.
Leon Alasso 2018

My time at NCAT is something I will never forget. Through encouragement from my teachers, I progressed faster than I could have imagined. The Visual Arts Immersion program taught me a positive work ethic, to embrace my creativity and to explore all the different mediums and pathways available. Since leaving NCAT, I have gone on to start my own business in the film and television industry; freelancing as a makeup artist for advertisements, feature films and television shows. I am currently working full-time in the Hair and Makeup Department of long-running Australian television show, Neighbours. NCAT will always feel like home for me, and I will always be thankful for the uplifting advice I constantly received from my teachers - pushing me in the right direction while giving me the space to improve myself self-sufficiently.

Sarah Moss 2016

I’m currently studying a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and I wouldn’t be here without the incredible knowledge and support from all of the teachers that had a hand in my education. I can never speak highly enough about the opportunities I’ve been given and I recommend it to any creative inspired person who wants to excel in their area.

Sam Larsen 2016

The Visual Arts Immersion Program was so perfect for my son Jacob. His previous school would never have allowed him to express his creativity to the extent that NCAT has encouraged him to. From a small child Jacob would always be drawing or creating a piece of artwork, but it was obvious as he got older that light in him had dimmed. I’m happy to say that now, thanks to the amazing teachers and students that have supported him, that light shines so brightly and it has become so evident in his work. NCAT and the Visual Arts Immersion program have had a positive effect on other areas in his life; his confidence, enthusiasm and growth have increased greatly from this wonderful school. I recommend NCAT and Visual Arts Immersion to anyone that is wanting the best for their child’s academic, creative and emotional growth and wellbeing.

Lucy Spalviero, parent 2018

My last year at NCAT was a year full of self discovery. Finding out who I am as an artist has been such a positive journey; I’ve had so much fun learning about my strengths and weaknesses and truly just discovering what I’m passionate about. My art is a positive outlet for me and it has allowed me to discover such life-changing confidence within myself. This whole journey has changed me in the most lovely way and I’m so grateful and ready to create and trust myself with everything I create in the future.

Abbey Baggio 2019
Year 11 Program: VCAL Intermediate + Certificate II in Visual Arts
Year 12 Program: VCAL Senior + Certificate III in Visual Arts

The course is structured to maximise creative thinking space and support artwork development.
/ The days are not divided into separate sessions, so students can concentrate fully on their creative research and art making.
/ Literacy and numeracy skills are mostly developed and embedded through practical application to creative projects

Studio Practice: For two days a week, students work on individual design processes, learning to express their ideas and achieve their artistic goals in a studio environment. Teacher mentors work with students to gradually increase their ability to manage their own skill building, time and creative output. With the focused practical days, students have sufficient time to develop their own ideas, experiment with a broad range of art forms and reach their artistic potential. Students attend exhibitions throughout Melbourne, working towards a student group exhibition in a professional gallery space at the end of each year.

Workshops: For a full day each week, students are guided through technical sessions, designed to improve understanding and application of artistic tools, materials and key artistic concepts. Students learn from professional guest artists and designers in a range of settings. Students undertake at least one collaborative project, working with other students to develop and realise a shared vision. Students can elect into visual arts, design or photography Workshops.

Creative Enterprise: Students learn to apply their creative skills to product design and development. They learn essential business skills such as marketing, costing materials and making a profit. Students learn to apply technology to product development to make professional-grade work, including laser cutting and 3D printing and the application of the Adobe suite. Students sell their products at the college Arts festival Couchfest and learn to maximise the worldwide market available to artists, designers and makers on the Internet.

Upon successful completion of the qualifications, students may choose to pursue further study or work in the arts.
Many Visual Arts Immersion students progress to the NCAT Folio Preparation or NCAT Photography programs. These are one-year programs aimed at building industry-related skills including training in the Adobe Suite, access to specialist elective subjects, drawing and course and careers counseling, enabling students to find out where their abilities can best be directed into a career. Over the past 25 years NCAT Folio Preparation and NCAT Photography have established relationships with all of the major TAFEs and universities.

NCAT Visual Arts Immersion graduates are guaranteed a position in these highly-respected programs, subject to interview.

Direct entry to Swinburne University of Technology

Apply directly to NCAT by online application via the website, or by downloading the PDF application and posting it to the college. We accept applications from mid-year onwards. On receiving your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview time. We interview students from July to November. Applications after December will be accepted but early applications offer the best opportunity to secure a place in the course.
At your interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss your interests and how we can help you achieve your goals. You will be required to bring some creative work to your interview to give us an idea of your existing skills. This could include evidence of drawing/design/art work or any supplementary information you regard as creative.

Knowledge is available on every Internet-connected device, what you know matters far less than what you can do with what you know. The capacity to innovate — the ability to solve problems creatively or bring new possibilities to life — and skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration are far more important than academic knowledge.
Need a Job? Invent it!
by Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times 2013

Header artwork by Jacob Spalviero