Photography & Digital Imaging

This course at NCAT Photography prepares you for a career as a photographer across a range of industry areas including commercial, domestic portrait, media, wedding, illustrative and fine art photography.

This is a face to face course with practical, theory and workshop sessions covering digital and analogue processes, making it unique. Our subjects group units of competency to provide students with skills and knowledge for the Photographic industry. The main aim is to produce a portfolio of work specialised to the student’s needs demonstrating a high level of conceptual research and technical competence and refinement.

Photography & Digital Imaging enables you to:


Develop your creativity and your photography skills in a supportive environment.


Access industry-standard purpose-built facilities.


Produce a portfolio of technically and conceptually advanced photographic works.


Gain proficiency in digital software including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and Capture One.

Study Certificate IV Diploma Photography Digital Imaging

Students work in photographic environments such as studios, darkrooms and on location and visit galleries and a variety of industry workplaces. Students complete individual work briefs, tests, participate in workshops and demonstrations, group discussions, presentations, excursions, interviews and self-evaluation exercises. Guest speakers feature and maintain our strong connection to a dynamic industry and educational pathway.

TestimonialsChristian Gallo (Photography Student)

“The teachers know what they're talking about; they've been in the field, they've experienced it and then they can give you that knowledge.”

TestimonialsIrene Alessandro (Head of Department, Photography)

“We're constantly upgrading our equipment so that we can reflect the true standard of industry.”

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Course Structure

This course prepares you for a career in photography across a range of industry contexts including commercial, domestic portrait, media, wedding, illustrative and fine art photography. It has a strong practical focus and covers digital and analogue photographic processes. Delivery is face to face with practical, theory and workshop sessions. The units of competency delivered provide students with strong skills to produce a specialised portfolio suitable for entry into further study or employment in the photo imaging industry.

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This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

Activities & Tasks

Activities include photographic exercises incorporating workplace tasks or projects, job briefs, and the production of a photographic portfolio. Students must attend and participate in practical workshops, demonstrations, excursions, presentations, group discussions and self-evaluation exercises.


Learning and assessment is integrated. Evidence is collected and feedback provided to students on an ongoing basis. Subjects cover a variety of concepts and genres using a range of methods to suit different learner needs. These include group-based, work-based, project-based, self-paced and involve practice and experience in a simulated work environment. Job briefs for each subject outline tasks to be completed, the competencies to be demonstrated and the practical outcomes to be produced.

Students will be given a fair and adequate assessment process that includes multiple opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Satisfactory completion of VCE or VCE VM with a demonstrated interest in photography related subject areas is needed to enroll in the course. There are no prerequisites for the selected units of competencies. Literacy, language and numeracy are assessed on enrolment to establish individual needs.


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