Get the skills you need to set yourself up for a plumbing apprenticeship. Focus on the practical elements of plumbing in course where you develop a range of skills in the plumbing workshop.

Learn about the different plumbing pathway choices such as general, mechanical, domestic, and commercial plumbing. Tackle a range of tasks such as sheet metal work, technical drawings, and levelling. This course covers sustainable plumbing practices.

Early career starts are available for VCE and VCE VM students seeking a career in Plumbing. Students can integrate a VET certificate in Plumbing within a VCE or VCE VM syllabus. Using a combination of maths and technical drawings, learn how to set out a bathroom using plans to position fixtures with accuracy and in line with current regulations. Learn mild steel welding and brazing using Oxy/Acetylene. Understand how current OHS regulations are applied within a simulated plumbing environment. Develop products to scale in line with technical drawing specifications.

Plumbing enables you to:


Enter the industry understanding which area you may like to specialise in.


Learn the basics of plumbing knowledge.


Create connections in the industry through Structured Workplace Learning.


Use basic hand and power tools.

NCAT Certificate II Plumbing student

The College consults with industry and government reference groups to ensure that our plumbing curriculum remains consistent with emerging trends. Purpose-built facilities demonstrate sustainable plumbing practices; state-of-the-art equipment and practical curriculum design simulate real-world scenarios for hands-on student learning.

TestimonialsPaddy Fitzgerald (Certificate II Plumbing Student)

“I started in the arts and I stumbled across plumbing and I think it's stuck. We’ve learned how to do gutters and now starting to do the framework of a hot water system.”

TestimonialsRaffaela Galati-Brown (Principal)

“We value the whole person here. Whether they're coming for a VCE program or for an applied program, what we look at is what can they do, not what they can't do and how can we build their skills.”

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Course Structure

The Certificate II in Plumbing ( Pre-apprenticeship) covers the knowledge and skills to prepare students for an entry into an apprenticeship. There is a strong practical focus. A range of units introduces students to basic plumbing knowledge and skills and the opportunity to develop skills for the industry in the plumbing workshop. There is a strong emphasis on sustainability and safe plumbing principles.

Activities & Tasks

During the course, Plumbing students will be able to complete projects that include: sheet metalwork; plumbing fixtures and fittings for domestic and commercial applications; technical drawing and plumbing specifications; levelling; water, sanitary and drainage pipes used in plumbing.


The completion of written and observed practical tasks and projects for each unit are assessed using set criteria. Students are given a fair and adequate assessment process that includes multiple opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Students are encouraged to do a minimum of 80 hours Structured Workplace Learning.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

It is recommended students have a minimum sound achievement of Year 10 Maths and English or equivalent and an aptitude for practical work. If you have individual needs, please contact the college.