Early career starts are available for VCE and VCAL students seeking a career in Plumbing. Students can integrate a VET certificate in Plumbing within a VCE or VCAL syllabus.
Using a combination of maths and technical drawings, learn how to set out a bathroom using plans to position fixtures with accuracy and in line with current regulations. Learn mild steel welding and brazing using Oxy/Acetylene. Understand how current OHS regulations are applied within a simulated plumbing environment. Develop products to scale in line with technical drawing specifications.

About Plumbing at NCAT

The plumbing trade continues to experience a shortage of skilled workers nationwide. Recent years have seen a shift in industry and consumer demand for sustainable plumbing practices and on-site OHS requirements. The College consults with industry and government reference groups to ensure that our plumbing curriculum remains consistent with emerging trends. Purpose-built facilities demonstrate sustainable plumbing practices; state-of-the-art equipment and practical curriculum design simulate real-world scenarios for hands-on student learning.