NCAT Photography

We offer qualifications at Certificate IV & Diploma level, across a range of Photographic practices, from fine art to commercial photography.
We offer training in all styles of Photography including film, analogue and darkroom processes, digital techniques, 35mm and large format cameras, and the use of our specialised studio spaces.

About NCAT Photography at NCAT

We offer a variety of courses centred around photography and creative image making. With 30 years of Photographic Educational training our college, NCAT Photography facilities & equipment are amongst the most professional of any Australian training college, boasting a comprehensive range of digital & analogue photoimaging equipment, three professional fully equipped studios, analogue colour and black & white darkroom, colour and black & white film processing, digital media Mac Labs with photographic printers and scanners
Our passionate educators, coupled with our high-end facilities, will provide you with the best in your photographic vocation.
The NCAT photography course provides expert knowledge, skills and access to professional facilities at affordable prices, Photography at NCAT is the perfect choice.

  • a course where you can interact with professionals who provide constructive expert advice when you need it
  • a course that is conscious of evolving technologies and provides a curriculum that is relevant for the times
  • a course that still offers all formats of analogue photographic processing and printing, 35mm film, medium and large format
  • a course that challenges and develops your own perceptions of photography and your place within it
  • a course that gives you the competitive edge.
  • a course that when you graduate, enables you to feel confident in your abilities to undertake employment in the plethora of photographic related industries.
NCAT PHOTOGRAPHY enables you to:
  • Develop your creativity & your photography skills in a supportive environment
  • Access industry standard purpose built facilities
  • Gain proficiency in digital software including Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom and Capture One
  • Produce a portfolio of technically & conceptually advanced photographic works
  • Professionally exhibit your photographic work in a large Graduate Exhibition
  • Use your folio to enter the photographic industry
  • Gain nationally accredited Certificate IV or Diploma level Photoimaging qualifications


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Photography at work


CUA41120   Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging

Our Certificate IV course is a comprehensive progression through the acquisition of basic skills to a fully professional understanding of Black & White Photography and Digital Imaging. The course provides you with conceptual and visual development and is supported by enrichment electives such as Photographic Art Theory, Digital Processes, Camera, Alternative Processes, Folio Preparation, Studio Practices, Networks and Progressives Studies. The year culminates in a professional Graduate Exhibition which enables you to publicly display the best of your portfolio.

This qualification is designed for people seeking a pathway into the photo imaging industry. It prepares clients to work as photographers, photographer’s assistant in a studio location, digitech, photo lab technician, photo store specialist, studio assistant. As this is a portfolio preparation course, a high percentage of students go on to apply for and undertake higher level of qualifications such as the CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging.
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding.

CUA50920  Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging

Our Diploma course will provide you with new technical skills to operate a vast array of professional studio, analogue colour darkroom and camera equipment. You will become skilled in the use of medium and large format cameras and in our professional studios you will learn to use artificial light and flash to produce the highest quality images. As well as mastering colour processing and printing, you will use authoring tools such as Dreamweaver to enter the creative world of web design technology. Couple the latest imaging tools of the 21st century with your imagination and the creative possibilities are endless.

This qualification reflects the role of photo imaging practitioners who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised and technical competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate photo imaging techniques, processes and services. People with CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging are able to work in a range of commercial and artistic photo imaging disciplines. The qualification also prepares people for learning at higher levels, including Degree qualifications in photo imaging practice.
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding.

Link to CUA50920 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging Page

VCE and Year 10 Photography

For information on these Photography subjects, see the VCE or Year 10 web pages


Facilities & Equipment are amongst the most professional of any Australian training college
We have three professional darkrooms:

Darkroom one: 10 x Professional B/W Enlargers 35mm, 6x6, 6x7
Darkroom two: 4 x 5 Professional Enlargers
Darkroom three: 7 x Colour Enlargers and Colour Darkroom RA4 Colenta. C Type Printing.

We have two processing rooms.
One for B/W processing and a professional Lab C41 processing machine.
All students are able to process all their B/W and colour film free of charge.

Three Professional Studios 
We host three professional studios with high end photographic studio equipment.
One of the studios converts to a product studio which can be utilised by all students.
Studios are able to be booked by students throughout the duration of their studies for personal, professional and folio based photo shoots.

Digital Labs
We have two digital labs with high end professional scanners and printers.
Students are taught how to scan their negatives and are supplied with photographic digital paper to print their final images.
Our high-end printers are able to print to professional archival A2 size.
All Digital paper is supplied.


Materials Charges:
The materials charges include all of the materials you will need to complete the course. 
The Certificate IV includes B&W film, digital paper, darkroom paper, and mount board for exhibitions.
The Diploma includes all of the above plus colour film, colour paper, medium format film and large format film. There are some limits on large & medium format film, colour film, colour paper and digital paper however you are provided with enough film to keep you going each week.  Folio presentation is not supplied as everyone works in their own creative way to produce something that reflects their own artistic style.

For more information please visit the web links below

CUA41120 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging

CUA50920 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging


You can apply directly, or via VTAC, depending on the course you wish to study.