The Northern College of the Arts & Technology, (NCAT), is a senior secondary government school that caters for Years 10-12 and post-secondary students seeking a specialised education in the visual arts, design, multimedia, photography, performing arts, trades and technologies.

NCAT students can focus on their passion and thrive in a supportive environment of like-minded students. Year 10 students can choose to follow an Arts and/or a Technology stream to which they can add VET certificates in the Arts or Technology. At Years 11 and 12 they can do a combination of VCE and VET or a variety of specialist integrated VCE Vocational Major programs.

This creates enormous flexibility, allowing us to tailor programs and pathways according to the student’s interests. For example, an Arts student may choose to complete a VET qualification in Electrotechnology, Building and Construction or Musical Instrument Making or a Technology/Trades student studying Engineering can access VET certificates in any Arts area including Screen & Media, Sound Production or Visual Arts.

In addition to a broad VCE offering, NCAT’s unique, specialist Year 11 & 12 VCE Vocational Major programs include the Art Immersion program, Performance program and the Pre-apprenticeship programs in Electrotechnology, Building & Construction, Plumbing, Automotive and Engineering. 

Post Year 12, students can do Certificate IV programs in Music, Sound Production, Design, Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Imaging as well as the Certificate IV in Musical Instrument Making and Repair for which NCAT is the sole training provider in Australia. The college also runs the Diploma of Visual Arts and the Diploma of Photography & Digital Imaging.

All of our students are creative. We are a college of creatives. We just create different things in the art area and in technology.

– Daniel Knott (Head of Department, Technology)

Whether students are looking to complete secondary school, pursue further study or find an apprenticeship, NCAT provides the opportunity to do this in state-of-the-art facilities with industry standard equipment. Teachers are experts in their field whose love for the subjects they teach extends beyond the classroom.

From the moment you enter the college you can feel it is different. The welcoming atmosphere, strong and positive relationships between staff and students, the students’ love of what they are learning and strong connection to the college is evident. Some students travel over two hours each way per day so they can study at NCAT.

Teachers work alongside students fostering personal growth and celebrating diversity. We value practical problem solving, lateral thinking, building, designing and innovating. Every student benefits from a curriculum designed to meet their needs and to encourage individuality and creativity, within a culture of high expectations for both work and behaviour.

The college’s hands-on learning approach, supported by theoretical underpinnings, develops confidence, adaptability, independence of thought, teamwork, respect for others and the environment, and skills to successfully pursue further study, apprenticeships or employment.

Our strong connections with tertiary institutions and industry, range of programs, and reputation for excellence, means that whether NCAT is your first or last step in heading towards your goals, it will always be one you remember and acknowledge as a significant step in your journey.