VCE VM Students Volunteer at FareShare

The General VCE VM students recently volunteered at FareShare. The experience they claim has been nothing short of transformative and fulfilling. Working with FareShare allowed them to contribute to a great cause but has also given them a deeper understanding of the importance of community, food security, and waste reduction.

From the moment they stepped into the FareShare facility, they were greeted by a warm and welcoming team of staff and volunteers. Their passion for the organisation’s mission was contagious. It motivated students to make the most of their time as volunteers. The sense of camaraderie among the volunteers was incredible. They all shared a common goal and worked together seamlessly to achieve it.

One of the best aspects of volunteering at FareShare was knowing every task the students undertook had a positive impact on the lives of people in need. Sorting and redistributing surplus food to charities and community groups helps to reduce food waste and provides nutritious meals for those who may otherwise go hungry. The students prepared vegetables used for over 500 meals and packaged 480 meals to be delivered.

Students learnt about the complexities of food insecurity and its impact on various people. Volunteering at FareShare exposed students to the harsh realities faced by many people in our community.

Students were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at FareShare and to be a part of this amazing organization.

NCAT VCE VM Volunteering Fareshare

“Volunteering at FareShare really opened my eyes on how many people need food during this living crisis and that some of the people requiring food were Uni students. It showed how much the cost of living is affecting Australians and how little some people have” – Josh 


“Visiting FareShare made me realise just how easy we will waste food without stopping to realise how it can still be used wherever that may be using food that isn’t 100% fresh but still edible” – Oscar


“It made me feel productive and good. The whole time I knew that I was helping people in need and that made me enjoy the experience more. I also liked doing it with friends” – Liam