Folio Preparation (Visual Arts / Design)

Led by an experienced staff of dedicated artists and designers, NCAT Folio Preparation's Certificate IV in Design and Certificate IV in Visual Arts courses are widely respected across the creative industries as a quality contributor to art and design education.

NCAT's Folio Preparation courses provide you with portfolio enhancement and a proven pathway for entry into tertiary courses within the visual arts or design areas or direct employment in the creative industries. It offers you creative skills, confidence and the opportunity to develop a professional and effective folio.

Folio Preparation is a unique government funded portfolio preparation course, which provides both an opportunity to build art or design skills and a pathway for students seeking entry into university courses in design and visual arts areas. The program has two streams and students choose to enroll in either the Certificate IV in Design or the Certificate IV in Visual Arts.

From its inception in 1989, Folio Preparation has assisted in the launch of hundreds of art and design related careers. NCAT Folio Preparation tailors learning to your individual pathway needs with elective and extension subject offerings.

Folio Preparation (Visual Arts / Design) enables you to:


Improve your practical and conceptual skills, and provide you with a substantial body of practical work for Tertiary interview and entrance.


Trial a wide range of skills and techniques in either art or design discipline.


Build your creative computer skills to a proficient level.


Build practical and conceptual skills and to create a comprehensive portfolio.

Widely respected in the creative industries and in art and design education, the trainers in the Certificate IVs in Design and Visual Arts  NCAT Folio Preparation’s program are an experienced and dedicated team of practicing artists and designers.

TestimonialsReiko Ellis (Folio Prep Student)

"NCAT has helped me shape my future. Not only did I gain such an incredible amount of practical knowledge, they also really cared and wanted to help as best they could. It was an unforgettable year: great results, personable people, creative."

TestimonialsJacquie Moon (Folio Prep Student)

"Having a year of amazing support & mentoring from a team of teachers that really love what they do made a huge difference in gaining work in the industry. I always recommend NCAT to people to do prior to Uni or a creative business venture because it's the kind of experience that you will rarely find as a student anywhere else!"

TestimonialsAlysha Parkinson (Folio Prep Student)

"After finishing high school with a passion for design but not sure exactly what direction I wanted to take it, I found NCAT, which was an amazing course with great teachers that inspired me and encouraged me to create a folio of work that I was really proud of..."

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NCAT Certificate IV in Visuals Arts Students

Course Structure

This qualification reflects the role of practitioners working at a pre-professional level who are beginning to develop their own creative voice. They produce work that shows proficiency with techniques in their chosen field and are able to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems. They have broad and integrated factual, technical and theoretical knowledge with cognitive skills that allow them to analyse, compare and act on information from a range of sources.

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This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

Activities & Tasks

Delivery is via weekly practical, theory and workshop sessions. Units of competency are clustered and embedded within the course subjects and are delivered over the course of the full year. Activities are based on the submission of projects of set workplace tasks or projects, participation in-group discussions, and a final presentation on the implementation and outcomes of specified projects. As well as completing individual job briefs, participants must attend & participate in: practical workshops, tests, demonstrations, lectures, presentations, excursions, exhibition/gallery visits, the creation of an online blog/website/portfolio, oral presentations, “mock” interviews, self-evaluation exercises, podcasts, online tuition, questionnaires & surveys.


Learning and assessment is integrated, with assessment evidence being collected and feedback provided to the student on an ongoing basis. Structured core and elective subjects cover a variety of contexts using a range of strategies to meet different learner needs. These include: group-based, work-based, project-based, self-paced, action learning-based; e-learning; and involve practice and experience in a simulated work environment. The Job Briefs for each subject outline tasks to be completed, the competencies to be demonstrated and the practical outcomes to be produced. Units of Competency are clustered in the NCAT Folio Preparation course subjects and are delivered over the course of the full year. The units of competency are selected to provide participants with a folio that demonstrates the building of acquired skills and the development of a specialised portfolio.

Students will be given a fair and adequate assessment process that includes multiple opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. If you have any individual needs please contact the college to discuss these needs.


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