Sharni Brear

Freelance Illustrator
Program: NCAT Folio Preparation (Design Graduate)
Interviewed in 2012

NCAT (Folio Prep) is an awesome program to do before making any big decisions about committing to a long design course (and paying for it too!). If you’re up for a year of working hard but making more pieces of art than you would have in your life, with help from the most genuinely caring staff, then that is what you will get! The difference in your work from February to the end of the year is just mind blowing, it is well worth it! There is no way I would be where I am at this point without NCAT: The most enjoyable year of my education yet. Thank you to all the staff for guiding us this year, I hope when I leave I will be one of those ex-students who keep coming back!