Michael Stapmanns

Mechanical Engineering Student, Swinburne University
Program: VCE Systems Engineering / Certificate II in Engineering

Michael was one of the only students to achieve a perfect score of 50 for his work in VCE Systems Engineering. He undertook a Certificate II in Engineering Studies at NCAT and completed it in 2013. Michael has gone on to study Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology where he was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s scholarship.

Thanks to my experience at NCAT I was finally able to decide what direction to take and that engineering was what I wanted to do. My results in this course, thanks to the terrific teachers and learning environment at NCAT, also gave my ATAR score a big boost, which is nice. There was a clear link between theory and practice; I never once asked, “What are we learning this s*#t for?”

At NCAT you have access to really good tools and facilities; it’s like being an apprentice in a workshop. The teachers really know their stuff and they know how to teach it, they’re very approachable and helpful. It really is a great environment to learn in.
What advice would you give someone who is thinking of studying Engineering?
Do it, you won’t regret it! But it is not a bludge. You only get out what you put in, so if you want to know stuff and get good results you’ll have to get serious and work. It’s not necessarily hard work either but you have to apply yourself and think for yourself. It’s really easy to see the benefits of hard yakka in a subject like this and if the teachers see that you’re serious you’ll get even more out of it. The rewards a worth it in the end.