Holly Rasmussen

Fitter & Turner, Sutton Tools
Program: Certificate II in Engineering

The College recognises outstanding achievements made by Alumni who have excelled in their chosen career. Holly Rassmussen is a qualified Fitter and Machinist for Sutton Tools, a leading global supplier of specialist cutting tools for the automotive, aerospace, marine, transport, construction, surgical, manufacturing and agricultural industries. Her career presents a leading inspiration for our current VCAL and VCE students specialising in engineering studies.

As a Fitter and Machinist for Sutton Tools, Holly operates specialised Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) equipment for the manufacture of high performance cutting tools, distributed globally.

Holly’s interest in engineering was encouraged by her secondary college with a recommendation to integrate a VET Engineering certificate within her VCE syllabus through NCAT. The College provided career guidance, encouragement and inspiration for Holly, “The projects and the teachers actively encouraged introducing women into these trades. All teachers were a good influence, as they taught me the way they had been taught and every method was different. I had options to be myself.”

Holly’s choice to integrate a VET certificate in Engineering with a VCE syllabus has proved pivotal across further study and career opportunities, “Following completion of the Certificate II in Engineering at NCAT, I progressed to a four year apprenticeship in Fitting and Turning with Swinburne. Studying at NCAT made it easier to start an apprenticeship, as I had the experience to continue with confidence and knowledge.”

The College’s links with industry attracted employment with Sutton Tools, “I have been employed with Sutton Tools for four years and I am continuing to develop my skills and passion for Computer Numeric Controlled machining.”

Holly’s future plans include management or supervision of engineering apprentices.