Giosuè Prochilo

Communication Design Lecturer, Monash University
Program: NCAT Folio Preparation (Design Graduate)

Formally educated in post-graduate design, Giosuè has practiced professionally for close to two decades between art and design and also lectures in the Bachelor and Master of Design at MADA, Monash University in Melbourne. Giosuè is a cross-disciplinary creative, working with music, audiovisual art, video, words, installation and design. Visionary and often iconoclastic, his art commonly looks to peel the veneer from the mundane and reveal obscured patterns and systems with the ultimate goal of transforming the self.

NCAT is a solid foundation which paves the way into various leading Art & Design tertiary education institutions in Melbourne. The staff and program were excellent and overall the year long program allowed me to enter the Bachelor of Visual Communication at Monash University already with a firm understanding of introductory Art & Design studies, a carefully crafted student folio and a hungry passion for developing myself as a creative person. As a lecturer now teaching at Monash University, I highly recommend NCAT as an outstanding beginning for anyone considering a career in art and design related professions.