Gerard Weeks

Draftsman, Sutton Tools
Program: Certificate IV in Instrument Making & Repair

The College recognises outstanding achievements made by Alumni who have excelled in their chosen career. Gerard Weeks is a professional Draftsman for Sutton Tools, a leading global supplier of specialist cutting tools for the automotive, aerospace, marine, transport, construction, surgical, manufacturing and agricultural industries. His career presents a leading inspiration for our current VCAL and VCE students specialising in engineering studies.

As Draftsman for Sutton Tools, Gerard produces plans and designs for specialised cutting tools, distributed globally.

Gerard’s interest in engineering began with a curiosity for pulling things apart and putting them back together. The College provided career guidance for Gerard, resulting in a personalised VCAL curriculum that allowed Gerard to excel in his area of specialisation, “My teachers motivated me to reach for the goals that were just out of sight. NCAT had the newest machines out of any of the schools on offer, and the brightest classroom made a big difference as well.”

The College’s VCAL curriculum integrated the VET Certificate II in Engineering, providing Gerard with theoretical and practical engineering skills, which enabled Gerard to produce a professional portfolio of work on graduation, “My portfolio had a number of practical components. This was helpful when applying for work. Employers were able to see and touch my work to find out what my skill level was.”

The College’s links with industry attracted an immediate full-time apprenticeship for Gerard with benefits, “The teachers at NCAT helped me a lot to find the right place to work. As I went straight into full time employment as an apprentice, my work completed throughout the years at NCAT reduced my apprenticeship by nine months.”

Gerard is now employed as a full-time Draftsman with Sutton Tools and is about to commence higher education on a part-time basis.