Dimitri Kalagas

Freelance Creative & Art Director
Program: NCAT Folio Preparation (Design Graduate)

Dimitri Kalagas is a multidisciplinary creative director based in Sydney, Australia.

He’s currently serving as creative director for Apple in Australia and New Zealand.

Previously, he was a global creative director for Australian tech unicorn, Canva. Before that, he lived in Los Angeles, creating work for some of the world’s other most recognised brands, including Beats, Adidas, Tinder, Netflix, and Google.

Dimitri’s interest in all things creative began in primary school and prospered through his high school years. On completion of his VCE certificate, Dimitri enrolled in the College’s Folio Preparation course to develop a strong body of work for tertiary studies, “NCAT’s reputation for helping students develop their art and design knowledge (and folios) in preparation for highly regarded tertiary courses was pretty widespread. Given that I didn’t really have a usable folio, and I definitely needed some more time to develop my skills in design, it seemed like a natural step.”

Under the guidance, support and influence of the College’s Folio Preparation teachers, Dimitri’s creative interests and specialisations developed focus and strength, “It was a time of discovery. I remember going into the year sure of the path I wanted to take, and finishing the year with a completely different set of goals in mind. I focussed mainly on photography, graphic design and illustration. Actually pretty much the same areas I work in these days!”

On graduation, Dimitri’s body of work presented as an impressive portfolio for tertiary applications, “I remember a lot of hand-generated work. The university I ended up attending had a large emphasis on producing hand generated work, and not relying too much on a computer. The teachers at NCAT were very aware of the sorts of things that the universities look for in a portfolio for the various tertiary courses, so we were pretty well prepared for it all.”

While Dimitri’s portfolio secured entry into Monash University’s Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) the College’s Portfolio Preparation course provided many lasting benefits, “The course prepared me for a professional career as a creative, so you could say it was life changing. I think my attitude changed quite profoundly while I was NCAT. The support of a number of the teachers there definitely helped to guide me onto a positive path. And some of my best friends were made during my time at NCAT.”

The College recognises outstanding achievements made by Alumni who have excelled in their chosen career. Dimitri Kalagas is at the forefront of Australia’s creative industries with a portfolio of work that has attracted international acclaim. His career presents a leading inspiration for our current NCAT Folio Preparation students.