Mark Fioravanti

Mark Fioravanti is our plumbing trainer at NCAT. He has worked in the plumbing industry for 22 years. He is a registered plumber and has had a wide range of job roles in Victoria and interstate from site foreman to supervisor at a major water authority.
In 2008 he decided he wanted to give back and started instructing students, mentoring and teaching. He also worked at Apprenticeship Group Australia for five years as a trainer and coordinator.
Mark is very industry conscious and keeps up with all the new technology. His style of teaching is providing students with lots of hands on experiences and new challenges.  He is a very enthusiastic about teaching and joining the NCAT technology team.
Mark has a quirky sense of humour. When we asked him to share an interesting story about his industry career for the newsletter we learnt that that while he was working for the water authority he water skied down the treatment plant canals. He did add that the water was post water treatment!