Sport Leadership VCAL

NCAT offers a specialist themed VCAL for Year 10-12 students passionate about Sport. Sport Leadership VCAL is an Integrated VCAL program, meaning that all of the Literacy and Numeracy learning is related to Sport content.
The Sport Leadershipl program is suited to students who enjoy an applied learning context. Students in this program will participate in active, hands-on sports education, wholly focussed around Sport. Within the program students cover all of their numeracy skills and literacy skills by reading, writing and speaking to sport related themes.

About Sport Leadership VCAL at NCAT

Sport Leadership at NCAT.

Sport may be studied as an integrated VCAL program, with the inclusion of a Certificate III VET subject. This can be completed in a number of study disciplines including Sport & Recreation, Multimedia, Arts or Trade & Technology. NCAT is the largest provider of VET in schools training, offering over 25 study areas.

As well as acquiring an extra VET certificate, NCAT students from the Sport Leadership program in 2020 will be able to experience a free 8-10 week umpiring program. 

It is suited to people seeking empowerment and leadership opportunities in their schooling experience and to people who are passionate about all things Sport desiring a career in the sport and recreation industry.

  • Play, train, umpire, coach and engage with the sport of Australian Rules Football
  • Gain proficiency in sports coaching techniques that build personal development
  • skills such as communication and leadership
  • Gain experience in sports writing and accelerate literacy development by
  • engaging with a range of texts themed on Sport.
  • Work in a supportive environment with a student-led learning focus
  • Develop an understanding of career pathways
  • Avoid costly tuition fees (State funding applies)
What students will do

• Students engage in a strength and conditioning program to improve performance participation in Sport as a player and umpire
• Students engage in skill development sessions and game analysis sessions to improve performance participation in Sport as a player and umpire.
• Students acquire leadership skills in planning and conducting football clinics for participation by youth and adolescents.
• Students experience educational talks and participate in practical sessions led by a range of coaches, players, umpires, instructors, authors and community members who are seen as friends and advocates of our program
• Students undertake a major piece of writing and perform a reading related to their sense of identity, sense of place and lived experiences as participants (player, fan, coach, umpire) in Sport.
• Students read and analyse the 1976 play, The Club by David Williamson. They engage in a creative writing exercise and perform an Act in a play themed around ‘Grand Final Day.’
• Students read, analyse and write a book review of an Australian Rules Footballer’s biography/autobiography of their choice. Book reviews of Nathan Buckley’s ‘All I Can Be’ and Nick Riewoldts ‘The things that make us’ will be analysed.
• Students choose a character from the Phillip Gywnne fictional novel ‘Deadly Unna.’ They compare and/or contrast this character with their own involvement in Australian Rules Football drawing on their major piece of writing.
• Students engage in reading and discussion of the themes of racism and violence in sport and society and healthy relationships from their reading of the fiction novel – 2019 Deadly Unna by Phillip Gwynne.
• Students participate in class discussions, share experiences and develop an understanding of coaching communication styles
• Students plan and deliver several 30 minute coaching sessions adhering to session planning protocol and coaching communication styles suitable for a range of participants’ age and ability levels.
• Students participate in peer led sports coaching sessions and provide feedback to peer coaches in accordance with coaching communication knowledge
• Students write a self-reflection on their sports coaching performance
• Students complete a range of numeracy tasks associated with maths in sport. These include developing knowledge of time, location, measurement and statistics.
• Students complete work related skills including safety at work, career planning, resume and cover letter writing and interview skills 
• Students complete an umpiring program and have the opportunity to participate in paid work experience umpiring in a local football league

The Certificate III course is a Year 12 VCE VET subject and may be taken as a VCE subject with scored assessment.
Students may also choose to study Sport & Recreation as a VETiS subject one day a week.