ONLINE learning

NCAT is continuing to use online tuition, together with classroom based teaching, to maintain our students engagement in productive learning during the Coronavirus pandemic. This page provides access to, and assistance with, a number of online learning resources used by NCAT.
Thank you for your understanding and support at this challenging time. We will continue to keep you informed, but please do not hesitate to contact the School should you have any questions.



Moodle Training Videos are available on the Moodle site to cover a range of commonly asked questions.

Using Moodle Chat to contact teachers & ask questions
  • To participate in a Chat activity, select the link to the Chat on your Moodle course page. You can also click Chats in the Activities block to see a list of all available chat activities.
  • The Chat page will open displaying the description for the chat.
  • To enter the chat room, click Click here to enter the chat now.
  • The chat session will open in a new window. Names and personal icons (if available) of course members currently in the room will be listed at right.
  • To post text to the chat session, at the bottom of the window, type into the text box and press Enter or click Send.



ZOOM - Online meeting space/Classroom

When students are required to participate in a Zoom session for a particular subject they will be emailed an Invitation to the Zoom meeting. This invitation contains a code that needs to be entered when joining a Zoom meeting.

WEBEX - Video Classroom

A reminder that Zoom and WEBEX meetings are a school activity, and students are expected to conduct & present themselves in line with normal work place expectations and the NCAT Student Code of Conduct

EDROLO Curriculum Support

HOT MATHS Mathematics Support


How to register when you recieve an invitation

Registering for EduPass

Note for students: Your full EduPass UserName is [email protected]


Students may need to use Adobe CC software to complete various learning activities. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Premiere, Lightroom etc. If you are using Adobe Software from NCAT, please note:

When the Adobe Software - Photoshop, Premiere, Animate etc has been installed on your computer, you need to follow these steps.

1.  Make sure you have an Internet connection (for the Adobe Licence check)

2.  Open an Adobe program. Log in using your EduPass [email protected] and your EduPass password

3.  Start using the Adobe program.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your EduPass password (or user name) and can't use your secret questions, email [email protected]
An IT technician will help you to resolve this. Note - resetting passwords can take time and can only be done once in a 24 hour period.

NOTE: Students who require an EduPass invitation letter should contact NCAT by email [email protected] with a request for their Invitation Letter.
If you need to remotely download the Adobe software, information is available on the NCAT Moodle Site, under the IT Support section.


If you need to get Microsoft Word or other Office programs see the How To Link below

Office 365

CAT PORTAL http://7300sps02/default.aspx