A career in dance is possible as a performer, manager or dance teacher. Students can integrate a VET certificate in Dance within a VCE or VCAL syllabus. Students can also study VCE Dance.
Progressing from basic dance skills to specialising in a range of contemporary dance styles, explore rehearsal techniques, performances, choreography and manage all aspects of a professional dancer’s career. Learn to look after your body, work as a team and manage large events. Become an integral member of an award winning dance team.

About Dance at NCAT

Beyond live performances, dancers can gain employment across several industries as event managers, teachers or choreographers. NCAT consults with industry and government reference groups to keep abreast of changes and emerging employment skills in contemporary dance and entertainment. Our facilities include two fully equipped dance studios.
Study options include VCE Dance, VCE VET Dance and an Integrated VCAL Dance program.

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Performance VET

Dance (Performance) teaches a range of styles including NCAT DANCE INCLUDES:

Ncat dance includes
Social &Street dance
Develop and refine your performance skills and gain the confidence to become a professional dancer, with specialist guest dance teachers in selected styles. 

Be part of professional industry performances such as well as regional and interstate tours.

The NCAT YR10, VCE and VET Dance program is for:
· Serious dancers who want to gain a broad foundation in  both commercial and technical dance styles.
· Dancers who want to focus their passion by doing two  Dance subjects as part of their senior studies.
· Students who want to develop their choreographic skills.
· Students who want a career as a professional performer.
· Students who want to become Dance teachers.
· Students who want to pursue further studies in Dance at    University or TAFE.
· Students who already have some prior Dance training.

NCAT Dance Program enables you to:
· Explore the techniques and dance styles you want to  specialise in at VCE level.
· Learn from teachers with many years of industry experience.
· Undertake workshops with specialist dance instructors.
· Gain choreographic experience.
· Gain performance experience through both in-house and  public events.
· Get support and intense counselling on the appropriate    career pathway.
· Gain entrance into further study at University or TAFE.

For course details of the CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance for external students please contact the College.

VCE Dance

Students can also study Dance as a VCE subject, either on it's own, or together with VCE VET Dance Performance.

Students study both dance performance and choreography, developing a personal language and expression, alongside technical skills. For further information see

VCAL Dance

NCAT offers an Integrated VCAL Dance program in which students can study VET Dance, VCE Dance, and obtain a VCAL qualification.
This is a full time program which also includes the subjects;
Communication in the Arts
Collaboration in the Arts
Staging & Business in the Arts