Building & Construction

Using a combination of laser levels and electronic tape measures, learn how to survey a block of land to set out an L-shaped house. Develop planning interpretation skills. Construct small-scale subflooring, wall frames, roof trusses and wall cladding. Understand how current OHS regulations are applied to the safe operation of power tools and hand equipment.

The building and construction trade is in high-demand nationwide. Qualified tradesmen are in short supply. Recent years have seen a shift in industry and consumer demand for sustainable building and construction practices, along with advances in Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

The College consults with industry and government reference groups to ensure that our curriculum remains consistent with emerging trends. Purpose-built facilities demonstrate sustainable practices. State-of-the-art equipment and practical curriculum design simulate real-world scenarios for hands-on student learning.

Building & Construction is for:


Students seeking to develop a critical eye.


Students looking to improve and advance their skills in building, construction and furnishing.


Students looking to work with hand, power and static tools.

TestimonialsTamika Brownfield (Building & Construction Student)

“Before we do any sort of work we always just study the type of tool that we're using, including the risk that it can have.”

TestimonialsTamika Brownfield (Building & Construction Student)

“Not many females really do it and I’ve loved building things ever since I was younger.”

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