Heating It Up In The Plumbing Workshop

Mechanical Plumbers are the main users of oxyacetylene, welding and cutting however it’s also skill that is required to carry out day to day plumbing. Giving students experience using these skills in the Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing course holds students in good stead to complete plumbing tasks ad hoc.VET Plumbing students learning how to oxy and acetylene weld two pieces of metal together.

Alex Zammit is pictured in his very first attempt using the oxy acetylene torch to form molten puddles of metal across a piece of metal as practice. Since this photo he has furthered his techniques and is now able to weld two pieces of metal together and complete all his welding tasks.

Levi Sutton is pictured doing a great job with his oxy welding.

Jaidon Toffoli is showing great results, he has been able to pick up the welding techniques very quickly.

Bilaal Awl is very happy with himself being able to complete his oxy and acetylene tasks. A smile is worth a thousand words.

Well done to all students on completing their welding tasks.

Words and images by Vincent Erickson, Plumbing Teacher