First Assembly of 2018

NCAT's first assembly of the year was an exciting one with lots of news. Students were welcomed into the assembly with a performance by the amazing African drumming group. Only five weeks in and already sounded excellent as they were led by their teacher Matt. The 2018 leadership team was announced (see the list of the team below), and the cohort received an update to the exciting building works which are happening around the college. Students were then informed up the college's upcoming musical production, Quest. Shelley and the team are encouraging all students to get involved. Jack and Alex from the VCAL General program did a great job modelling the 2018 college jumper which you can put a deposit down for now.  Finally, this year's formal committee shared the initial details. Students across all year levels are invited to attend what is sure to be a great evening.

The 2018 Student Leadership Team 

Year 10A Leaders:
Leader: Laura Mayne 10B
Vice: Michaela Elouath 10A
10Arts Form Group Representatives: Matthew Atkinson & Bella Sneddon

Year 10T Leaders:
10T Leader: Jackson Bowler
10T Vice: Thomas Russell

VCE Leaders:

Leader: Zoe Devlin (12G)
Leader: Sarsha Lewis (12B)
Vice: Kaitlyn Thomas (12B)
Vice: Haylee Booth -Roche

VCAL Leaders:
VCAL Leader: Jack Khouitolkij
VCAL Visual Arts: Tannah Saunders
VCAL Performance: Zeiro Richards
VCAL Fitness: Zoe Pease
VCAL Pre-app:. Zachary Provan