10 Arts Awards

Last week officially marked the end of Semester 1 which also means that Year 10 students have completed their first semester at the college. In order to celebrate this point in the year, 10 Arts Staff nominated students for a range of awards which are based on the school values. Recipients were those who staff felt best embodied said values. See below for a list of awards recipients. The applause each student received from their peers showed the relationships which the group has made.

Year 10 Arts and Technology students, along with VCAL and Pre-Apprenticeship students, are out on Work Experience and Work Placement respectively. This two-week period will allow students to really get a feel for a certain industry and live the reality of full-time work in an area of interest. We are sure they are representing the college well. Students will each receive a visit or phone call to check in on their progress.

NCAT Attendance, presented for achieving over 90% attendance for Sem 1:
• Ollie Mereos
• Ally Baines
• Jaden Lal
• Lucinda Gray

NCAT Respect, to recognise the continuous respect shown to others & the environment:
• Emilee Tildesley
• Ema Lin

NCAT Originality, to recognise originality in thought & action:
• Emily Shaw
• Selena Karakaltses

NCAT Courage, to recognise the courage for embracing challenges:
• Madi Macky
• Massimo La Verde

NCAT Knowledge, to recognise their knowledge to seek, question and achieve:
• Mason Peart
• Aya Kurokawa

NCAT Support, to recognise the support through relationships and teamwork:
• Ally Baines
• Joshua Galati