Mark Risicato

Building & Construction
While teaching commerce and IT in the 90s Mark Risicato became involved in building projects. He decided to leave teaching and become a registered builder and ran his own company for ten years. Mark has now returned to teaching but is teaching Building and Construction instead. Mark was involved in the design and construction of precast concrete residential structures which is quite different from traditional timber frame single and double story houses. The new perspective on construction techniques, and skillsets opened up new possibilities to what can be achieved.
“ I enjoy thinking outside of the square and achieving the same or better results using fewer resources, both financial, time and environmental. However, once it got me into a little bit of bother.” Mark organised a crane to lift some concrete panels and a delivery of 100 of 1200 by 2400 sheets of formwork ply at the same time. He intended for the crane to lift the ply as well. In the excitement of seeing the speedy completion of the structure he forgot the ply and let the crane go to save some money. The next few hours he carried the ply sheets up three floors, one by one, by himself. He now makes lists of important things that require heavy lifting and expensive hire machinery.
Mark is really looking forward to working with his new colleagues at NCAT and passing on tips, advice and knowledge to the students.