On Thursday 20th of June we were lucky enough to have Giaan Rooney, the famous Olympic simmer and Channel 7 weather announcer come to the college to cover the specialist programs on offer at NCAT.
The aim of the segment was to promote the Victorian Skills Gateway website by hosting the segment at our school in the building or engineering workplace. This provided an ideal showcase secondary students engaging in trades/apprenticeship related activities and link that to the Victorian Skills Gateway website. Viewers (students) who might be thinking about a career in the trades or vocational training will be encouraged to visit the website to access information about thousands of courses, and hundreds of providers, all in the one place. We really want to get the message across about the site being the gateway to training opportunities for so many different trades and jobs.
We would like to thank Giaan, who was a delight to work with, showing a genuine passion for the NCAT style of eductaion. She provided the students with a great opportunity to talk about their passions in the trades and thier potential futures.