Canadian Guitar Makers

At the end of term 1, we were very lucky to have some visitors from Canada.
Gary Pattenden, a Guitar Maker and Educator, along with his partner Kyla Munroe, a Visual Artist & Educator, had heard of the wonderful work being done at NCAT in the Guitar-Making program. Being the only nationally accredited Instrument Making course in Australia, they were very keen to come and see how the program worked.
Gary runs a program in Canada at the Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute Kingston, Ontario. He has a committed group of students who build guitars as part of their Furniture Technology course.
Both Gary & Kyla were amazed at the level of facilities available at NCAT in Technology & the Arts, as well as the breadth of offerings in the guitar program. Unlike KCVI where Gary runs a one-person program, he was impressed that our course included CNC, 3D CAD Design, Drawing, Instrument set up & Repair & Business studies as well as the actual building of instruments.
Kyla was equally impressed with the time she spent touring the Visual Arts & Design program.
We would next like to set up an ongoing relationship between the two colleges and have students talking to each other internationally online about the instrument making craft.